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However, upon closer look, the mecha that Wang Zheng was expert with were too fragile except for this. Facing the top-level warrior of Arbiter, this could turn out to be the most reliable choice.


A senior captain stood up and gave his opinion. “If No.10 was wrecked and fell into this planet, by theory, the survival rate is ten percent at max.


Frankly speaking, looking at the two soaring mecha, countless military students were roaring with feelings of rolling in waves and being trampled on. Were they even allowing others a life line? When they were still driving mecha that were crawling on the ground, the two of them had already started flying.


The two titanium blades blasted directly, and disappeared into the light. Everyone thought that the two would stop there. But clearly everyone was wrong.


However, this was utterly useless against the Mayans. Five minutes into the battle, entering into a frenzy mode, Ogan was utterly suppressed.


Finally, someone has posed a threat to the Atlanteans. If the armour hadnt been so fragile, the winner of this battle would yet be uncertain. I feel that a customised mech should be made for the Titans. We have seen infinite possibilities in todays battle, exclaimed Jondi Lilick.

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There was golden lightning on the surface of the Rune Warrior. These electric lights followed the five Rune Swords and at the same time enveloped the mecha of the five Atlantean warriors.


“Jondi, I received news that the Aslan imperial family is very interested in you. You had best perform well.” Qiqin Nacchai smiled. “If we meet Wang Zheng, I’ll leave him to you. Zhengyang, what do you say?”


However, the expressions of the members of the Saruman Snake battle team were very solemn. The time had finally arrived. All hope hinged on Achilles battle. In all honesty, if he were defeated, Saruman Snake would most certainly have to pack up and go home. It was not impossible to try defeating Wang Zheng, but even if he were to sacrifice his life, Saruman Snake would still be halted at the semi-finals. It would be impossible for him to win everything on his own. He needed his brothers in combat now!


If it had been in the past, as long as Meng Tian had spoken, even if anyone had other opinions, they would have kept their mouth shut. If it had not been for the support of Meng Tian, at least half the team would not have any other way out.


In addition, having studied the collaboration between HU and KO in detail, there was not much depth to it. Having already showed their strength once, the possibility of a second offense, although not impossible, was very low.


Besides, amongst the bigger nations, Fairy Federation was conservative in many aspects, especially due to Newcastle Star, which Fairy Federation had only successfully invaded and expanded into in the last decade. In the short term, their policies would only become even more conservative.


Facing the onslaught from the Wind God, the Holy Light Pioneer did not evade. Withdrawing her laser sword slowly, her spiritual power agglomerated and constantly compressed, seemingly making a concession.



Warship No. 12, under Meng Tian’s command, had just finished a 10-hour-long “Level 1 Security Reconnaissance Mission”, and was gliding towards the dock that the mothership had opened, in preparation for maintenance.



Asura’s formidability showed through. Once Olivios was up there, there were no worries of being targeted and they would take the first round, grasping control of the battle. And if Mars caught Lear, then they would be able to take down Dynasty with a score of three to zero. This way, they could save their effort and conserve their strength. Every covetous person down there was easy to deal with. If their tactics had been used once, their second attempt would be useless.


But no matter what, an old proverb came to mind. Friendship, in the face of profits, was as useful as the virginity of a prostitute.


Nobody was a fool, and the families understood as well. Only, this bait was too big. At the same time, it was a huge opportunity. Whether they could take it depended on their capability, and after all, Princess Aina had to marry somebody, and they were all suitable. As for why the choice had not come from within Aslan, the families were clear as well. It seemed like many of the Aslan braves and hunks had been turned down by the Princess, and this caused them to turn their sights abroad.

  • Anluda roared madly as he charged out of the cabin, “I refuse to accept this. Stinking woman, do you dare to use a real weapon to fight? I promise that I won’t beat you to death!”
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